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 Dark Ride

Dark Ride Dark Ride (2006)

Five college students and a hot hitchhiker they picked up make a stop at an old amusement park and check out the sites. Unfortunately for them a serial killer makes the 'Dark Ride' thrill ride his home and loves when people drop by.

Movie Review Nudity Rating
Movie Rating 5 Nudity Rating 3
Genre: Horror
Country: USA
Keywords: Lingerie/Underwear High School/College

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Andrea Bogart
Andrea Bogart
Jamie-Lynn DiScala
Jamie-Lynn DiScala
Jennifer Tisdale
Jennifer Tisdale
 Video Clips
Andrea BogartAndrea Bogart
Dark Ride (2006)
Taking off her top for some thrill sex with Alex Solowitz
Nudity Rating 3
Jamie-Lynn DiScalaJamie-Lynn DiScala   Jennifer TisdaleJennifer Tisdale
Dark Ride (2006)
Girl talk while wearing sleepwear their dorm room and Jennifer flashing her bra
Nudity Rating 1
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