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 Long Distance

Long Distance Long Distance (2005)

Nicole Freeman (Monica Keena) lives by herself in a big old apartment when one evening she misdials a phone number and calls a serial killer in the middle of work. He proceeds to stalk her by phone leaving murder scenes that lead to her apartment.

Movie Review Nudity Rating
Movie Rating 5 Nudity Rating 2
Genre: Thriller
Country: USA
Keywords: Voyeur

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Emily Galvin
Emily Galvin
Monica Keena
Monica Keena
 Video Clips
Emily GalvinEmily Galvin
Long Distance (2005)
Monica doing a little spying on Emily as she changes
Nudity Rating 2
Monica KeenaMonica Keena
Long Distance (2005)
Out of the bath pokies in a gray t-shirt
Nudity Rating 1
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