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Shamus Shamus (1973)

A typical 1970's Burt Reynolds flick with him portraying a New York private eye that parties hard and goes through women like their underwear. Down on his luck a job to find some diamonds looks great, until he gets to know who took them.

Movie Review Nudity Rating
Movie Rating 5 Nudity Rating 2
Genre: Drama Crime Mystery
Country: USA

Complete Details
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Alisha Fontaine
Alisha Fontaine
Dyan Cannon
Dyan Cannon
Kay Frye
Kay Frye
Melody Santangello
Melody Santangello
 Video Clips
Melody SantangelloMelody Santangello
Shamus (1973)
A butt flash when Burt Reynolds lifts her sheet then a breast peek when she bangs her head
Nudity Rating 2
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