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Carla Mancini

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Carla Mancini
Carla is white with blonde hair, large sized natural breasts, and an average body type. She was born in Italy
Preview Pics
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Carla_Mancini-Flavia_the_Heretic-03 thumbnail
Carla_Mancini-Servo_Suo-01 thumbnail
Carla_Mancini-Servo_Suo-03 thumbnail
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Featured In
Black Belly of the Tarantula Cry of a Prostitute Death Smiles on a Murderer Flavia the Heretic La ragazza fuoristrada Milano rovente Perfume of the Lady in Black, The Seven Blood Stained Orchids Un uomo una citta What Have You Done to Solange
Video Clips
Star: Carla Mancini
Source: Flavia the Heretic 1974
Review: Movie Rating 6
Info: The nuns running around naked
thumbnail of Carla_Mancini-Flavia_the_Heretic.avi
Nudity Rating 4
Star: Carla Mancini
Source: Black Belly of the Tarantula 1971
Review: Movie Rating 6
Info: On the massage table
thumbnail of Carla_Mancini-Black_Belly_of_the_Tarantula.avi
Nudity Rating 2
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