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Michelle Pfeiffer

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Michelle Pfeiffer
Michelle is white with blonde hair, small sized natural breasts, and an average body type. She was born in Santa Ana, California, USA on Tuesday, April 29, 1958, so she would be 58 years old
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Featured In
Dangerous Liaisons Hollywood Knights, The Into The Night Married to the Mob Scarface Tequila Sunrise Thousand Acres, A To Gillian On Her 37th Birthday
Video Clips
Star: Michelle Pfeiffer
Source: Into The Night 1985
Review: Movie Rating 6
Info: Caught walking naked in front of a doorway by Jeff Goldblum
thumbnail of Michelle_Pfeiffer-Into_the_Night.avi
Nudity Rating 4
Star: Michelle Pfeiffer
Source: Thousand Acres, A 1997
Review: Movie Rating 6
Info: Getting her chest examined by Kenneth Tigar
thumbnail of Michelle_Pfeiffer-A_Thousand_Acres.avi
Nudity Rating 3
Star: Michelle Pfeiffer
Source: Tequila Sunrise 1988
Review: Movie Rating 6
Info: Having sex with Mel Gibson in the hot tub
thumbnail of Michelle_Pfeiffer-Tequila_Sunrise.avi
Nudity Rating 2
Star: Michelle Pfeiffer
Source: Hollywood Knights, The 1980
Review: Movie Rating 7
Info: In car hop short shorts
thumbnail of Michelle_Pfeiffer-The_Hollywood_Knights.avi
Nudity Rating 1
Star: Michelle Pfeiffer
Source: Married to the Mob 1988
Review: Movie Rating 6
Info: Spied on while changing into a costume
thumbnail of Michelle_Pfeiffer-Married_to_the_Mob.avi
Nudity Rating 1
Star: Michelle Pfeiffer
Source: Scarface 1983
Review: Movie Rating 8
Info: young Michelle in a bathing suit
thumbnail of Michelle_Pfieffer-Scarface.avi
Nudity Rating 1
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